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Flame Spray

  • Wire Arc Spray:

    Flame spraying is primarily used to apply abradable coatings or nickel/chrome self-fluxing alloys which are subsequently heat treated to metallurgically bond them to the substrate (Fused coatings).

    Abradable coatings are used for machine element clearance in compressors.

    Fused coatings are extensively used in high wear applications such as mining and steel industries to prevent wear of rolls, pistons and other equipment in aggressive wear environments.

    A Flame Spray gun uses oxygen and fuel gases to produce a flame into which powder is injected. The resultant molten particles of powder are projected on to the work piece to produce the coating.

    Many coatings sprayed by this process are then heat treated at around 1000ºC to 'fuse' the coatings to the substrate surface.

    Fused coatings produced by this process are hard and corrosion resistant and are able to withstand wear by abrasion, fretting, cavitation and other hard surfaces.

    The addition of different proportions of carbon, silicon and boron to the basic nickel/chromium alloy results in the formation of hard phases of carbides, silicide and borides.

    They can be applied 1 - 5 mm thick; much thicker than hard ware coatings applied by the plasma or HVOF processes.

  • Fused Coatings :
    Nickel 70% Chromium 17%,Iron, silicon, boron, carbon
    Macro hardness - Rc 55 - 60 Surface Texture
    as fused - 5 - 7.5 microns.
    as ground - 0.25 microns.
    Nickel 46% Chromium 11% Tungsten carbide/nickel, 35%Iron, silicon, boron, carbon
    Macro hardness - Rc 58 - 60
    Micro hardness - KHN50 950 Surface Texture
    as fused - 2-4 microns
    as ground - 0.3 - 0.5 microns
    Cobalt 40% Nickel 27% Chromium 18% Molybdenum 6% Silicon, boron and iron
    Macro hardness - Rc 50 Surface Texture
    as fused - 6 - 7.5 microns
    as ground - 0.35 microns

    • Abradable Coatings:
      Nickel 75% Graphite 25%
      Macro hardness - R15y 30 - 50 Surface Texture
      as sprayed - 25 - 33 micron
      Aluminium61%, Graphite23%, Silicon 8%
      Macro hardness - R15y 50 - 70 Surface Texture
      as sprayed - 10 - 13 microns
      as machined - 4 - 6 microns

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